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A claim can be 5G malereviews suggested by the overall context of an advertisement. This means a representation or claim can be made or suggested by any "statement, word, design, device, sound, or any combination thereof". In other words, the FTC won't just look at the words of an advertisement by itself to determine if it is misleading. Other than the words of the ad, the name of the product, the nature of the product, any visual or audio depictions or symbolism can all provide the context to establish a claim. Even the website name or metatags can provide the context for a claim. The overall experience conveyed by viewing the ad in relation to the rest of the website sets the context for a particular

The U.S. District Court, Third Circuit stated the FTC standard regarding context of an ad clearly. "The tendency of the advertising to deceive must be judged by viewing it as a whole, without emphasizing isolated words or phrases apart from their context." Beneficial Corp. v. FTC (1976). Using illustrative pictures on your website to demonstrate the effectiveness or results of a product is a common example. Without stating some direct, express claim in words,
EXAMPLE: You operate a website called homesavers.com which offers loan modification and "foreclosure rescue" services. The title of your webpage is labeled as "save home" and your home page contains a picture of a "happy and relieved" couple sitting at a kitchen table looking at their laptop which shows homesavers.com on the screen. The website advertisements include a heading titled "Begin the process of saving your home now" and other claims of "if you act now, we can save your home." Without any qualifying disclosures, the overall context of the website may imply that consumers can expect to save their homes by using homesavers.com.
If an ad makes either express or implied claims that are likely to be misleading without certain qualifying information, this information must be disclosed. You must determine which claims might need qualification and what information should be provided in a disclosure. The important thing to understand is the fact you can make an implied claim through your advertisement and that you cannot suggest any claim which you are not permitted to make expressly by law. An express claim is an obvious one. For example "This product will stop bullets from penetrating your body in an advertisement for a bullet proof vest. Similarly, the claim "removes every type of stain from your carpet" is an express claim that the advertised product will remove all stains from your carpet

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